IMDEA Materials Institute seeks a PhD Student to work on the development and applications of high entropy alloys by powder metallurgy route.


Ref. num. PMHEA_JMT_RA01

Research Assistant (PhD student) in a Powder Metallurgy High Entropy Alloy Development

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IMDEA Materials Institute seeks a PhD Student (Research assistant) to work on the development and applications of high entropy alloys by powder metallurgy route. The general aim of the project is to develop a new family of high entropy alloys that can be used in high temperature applications in the aerospace sector. The research will involve a design step of the possible alloys, the manufacturing of the alloys by using atomizing(/mechanical alloying route to develop the powders and then field assisted consolidation and additive manufacturing. Also heat treatments will be done to improve the performance of the obtained alloys. The developed materials will be fully mechanically and microstructural characterized. New ideas to develop these new family of alloys in order to reduce costs and to improve performance will be introduced. High entropy Alloys were introduced in 2004 and today are    one of the emerging and more promising materials to expand the use of metallic materials in the field of the high temperature.

The exact scope of the to-be-pursuit project will be determined on the basis of current needs as well as the previous experience, skills and interests of the successful candidate.


An ideal candidate would hold a MSC degree in the area of material science and engineering (or equivalent). Knowledge in physical metallurgy, mechanical properties evaluation and metallography will be appreciated. However, a strongly motivated candidate who lacks any of the above will also be given a serious consideration.  

Moreover, it is expected that the successful candidate will be independent, creative, curiosity-driven, motivated to explore solutions to difficult scientific problems, and have strong work ethics. Excellent academic credentials will be a plus. Strong communication skills in English (both spoken and written) are necessary in this position.


Starting date:  mid  November 2019

Deadline for 1st round application: From now-on till 15 Oct 2019

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