A PhD in the synthesis of nanomaterials, their assembly as electrodes and study in batteries and (photo)electrocatalytic systems.


Ref. num. STEM-RA02

Synthesis of nanomaterials as electrodes in energy storage and harvesting devices

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The project deals with the synthesis of nanomaterials (e.g. nanotubes) by chemical vapor deposition, with the aim of producing sufficient quantities to produce porous ensembles, study their electrochemical properties and integrate them as electrodes in batteries and (photo)electrocatalytic systems. Of particular interest will be to control nanotube morphology and interaction with organic/inorganic materials as means to enhance charge storage and collection.

The student will join a multidisciplinary group of scientist working on the development of multifunctional composites, with experience in producing km-long yarns of carbon nanotubes with molecular control, advanced X-ray studies on porous crystalline materials, synthesis of hybrids combining nanocarbons and semiconducting metal oxides, and the study of interfacial charge transfer/storage processes.


Candidates should hold a master's degree in Physics, Chemistry or a related discipline and should have previous experience on characterisation of materials by electron microscopy, X-ray or spectroscopy.

Previous experience in growth of nanostructures, thin film deposition or gas-phase catalysis will be postively evaluated.

Excellent academic credentials and a strong commitment to develop an academic career in an international and multidisciplinary environment are expected.

Fluent oral and written English is required.

No knowledge of Spanish is required (free lessons provided


Full time contract including social security coverage. Salary depending on previous experience and credentials.

November 2017 - February 2018