We seek a highly motivated technician to manage a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) reactor for the synthesis of fibres and fabrics made up of carbon nanotubes. Taks include laboratory management, sample production for collaborators and partners, materials characterisation and engineering development.


Ref. num. CVDtech

Nanomaterials synthesis technician

IMDEA Materials (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies of Materials) is a non-profit, independent research institute, promoted by the Regional Government de Madrid (Spain), to carry out research in Materials Science and Engineering. IMDEA Materials Institute is committed to excellence in research by attracting talent from all over the world and to foster technology transfer to the industrial sector in a truly international environment. More information about the activities of the Institute can be found at:


The Multifunctional Nanocomposites Group ( is a highly multidisciplinary and international research group working on the synthesis of nanomaterials and the exploitation of their properties on a macroscopic scale. Central to its research is a macroscopic fibre made up carbon nanotubes and produced continuously by spinning an aerogel of CNTs directly from the gas phase during their growth by chemical vapour deposition. Regarded as the next generation high-performance synthetic fibre, this material is already produced industrially and used in various industries including aerospace.

We seek a highly motivated technician to manage the CNT fibre spinning reactor and laboratory and take a leading role in producing samples for our various academic and industrial research projects. This includes materials characterisation by electron microscopy, spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The technician is also expected to make contributions to improving engineering aspects of the reactors, particularly those related to integrating these CNT fibre materials in composite and energy-realted applications. Depending on qualification and performance, this position may lead to a PhD degree.


  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • First degree or masters in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or a similar discipline.
  • Knowledge or experience with chemical vapour deposition or related reactions.
  • Familiarity with methods for materials characterisation


Conditions: Full time contract including social security coverage. Salary depending on previous experience and credentials.

Starting date: summer 2018