Research Initiation Fellowship

Are you a final year undergraduate or master student interested in research? Looking for a unique opportunity to explore the field of Materials Science & Engineering? Do you want to be part of an international and multidisciplinary research group? Every summer IMDEA Materials offers students the opportunity to join an international and multidisciplinary team and work on a research project.

What past fellows say about the experience:

During the first day, my expectations changed completely for the better. I was enrolled in a real project, with real meetings, and with other many researchers. JG, 2015 Fellow.

There are a lot of students from around the world working in very different topics and they show you what they are doing, so you can learn things at any moment. MV, 2015 Fellow IMDEA Materials would be a great place to continue my studies to a PhD level. DB, 2016 Fellow.

Rather than having a secondary role in a particular project, I was given the opportunity to be the main developer […]. I am overall very happy with the results of my effort, as I have contributed positively to the group and some of my work might even be published in the coming year. IL, 2016 Fellow.

This year’s fellows are:

  • G. Zarzoso, (Technical University of Madrid) - Multiscale Modelling of Fracture
  • M. Sánchez, (Technical University of Madrid) - Comparison of chemically versus physically crosslinked hydrogels as tissue engineering scaffolds
  • E. Rodríguez, (Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid) - In vitro biological evaluation of biomaterials
  • A.M. López, (Autónoma University of Madrid) - Multifunctional phase change materials (PCMs) for intelligent electronic devices
  • C. Ramos, (Complutense University of Madrid) - Nanostructured networks for high-power battery electrodes
  • D. Hernández, (Carlos III University of Madrid)- Multiscale characterization of advanced material