Laboratory technician to support research activities on evaluation of intermetallic electrocatalysts under elastic deformation.


Ref. num. 2023-AP_PD-TECH-75

Lab Technician for Electrocatalysis-related studies

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MDEA Materials Institute is seeking a laboratory technician to support the research activities on evaluation of intermetallic electrocatalysts under elastic deformation.

He/she will be in charge of electrode/electrolyte preparation, cell assembly, and testing the produced thin films for their electrocatalytic properties towards HER and ORR. An important and challenging task to be realized by the technician is designing and building mechano-electrochemical cells in which the electrocatalytic activity of the films will be evaluated while applying an extrinsic elastic strain. Accordingly, previous experience in manufacture of cell or reactor prototypes (including electrochemical cells, electrolyzers, flow reactors, etc.) will be highly valued.

This position will include working with variety of scientific equipment including potentiostats, rotating electrode apparatus, and electrochemical techniques such as static and hydrodynamic voltammetries and impedance spectroscopy.

The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary team of experts in which s/he will receive high-quality training upon their incorporation and then is expected to work semi-autonomously in the lab, supervised by the project responsible. S/he will attend regular meetings where s/he reports the findings and data to the project responsible(s) and the team.


Degree in a discipline related to materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

Extended experience with working in a laboratory environment. Hands-on experience with electrochemical equipment and cells is essential for the position. Previous experience in electrocatalysis studies/projects and related cells are highly valued.

Command of spoken English is mandatory.


This contract will be funded by the CATbyESE project within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan - funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU. The project duration will be for a year and a half.

Applications are processed upon reception. The position might be closed once ten working days have passed since publication, so we encourage early application.

The working language of the Institute is English. Full command of the English language is required in all positions.


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